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GAT – Crystal Rice Process – technology

This system is an updated version of the famous “Crystal Rice Process” technology invented and developed in Italy by Mr Franco Gariboldi. It can process between 25 and 350 tonnes of paddy a day, and is suitable for processing all the major varieties of paddy (short, medium and long).

It is a particularly flexible process, easily managed and controlled during each step of the process. By using uniform color, hardness and cooking properties. In addition, as a result of recent development this system can process brown rice into premium quality parboiled rice.

The Gariboldi technology is acknowledged for its many advantages, among which are lower energy consumption and strength and reliability of manufacture. Many such plants have been continuous 24-hour udse for 30 years.

The  advantages of this technology are:

  • The use of vacuum during soaking and drying, which reduces power and heat consumption.
  • The vacuum, by shortening soaking and drying times, improves the taste and flavor of the rice and makes it possible to recover the entire quantity of water absorbed by rice during soaking.
  • The heating in a rotating autoclave, designed to withstand pressure, allows heating temperatures higher than 100 ° C and uniform product exposure to steam, with constant condensate extraction, which avoids excess soaking,
  • The product is mechanically handled when it is an a dry state; the transfer of rice from the soaking tank to the heating autoclave takes place by gravity,
  • The modular plant construction makes it possible to increase production according to market requirements.
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